Monday, February 16, 2009

Day One at St. Mary's

My first day at St. Mary's is one I will remember forever. This was my first real teacher experience and boy was it a blast. I started off the day a little confused about what I would be doing with the children but then it all jut came natural.I was put with the little kids age 2-4. I went into it thinking they were going to be a handful but I was wrong. The kids were every well behaved and enjoyed myself and other being there. I started off with a couple of boys and they built a fort. The fort was awesome but I was able to challenge there minds on how to build bigger and better forts. Then I was sent into another room and I sat down with a group of girls. They were coloring many different pictures. They loved how I tired to color with them. They made fun of me while I was doing this but I was also able to challenge them. After the classroom we all went into the gym and played many games. Two girls came up to myself and threw me a ball. I was surprised how well the threw the ball. I tired to teach them how to throw and kick. They are two girls who have a great future in athletics.

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