Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dodge Ball

Every high school students favorite game during gym class was dodge ball, that is if you were the athletic type. Everyday students would look forward to loving dodge ball or hating it. The students who were know to be the "better" athletes usually loved the game. In my opinion dodge ball should be part of the criteria that students participate in because it requires hand-eye coordination, quickness, strength, and the ability to throw which all students should be able to do. Although the balls that are used should be soft and the area that the students aim for is from the head down, the students can still enjoy the great gym class past time in dodge ball. There is many different variations of dodge ball that can help separate the athletic differences between students. What all Physical Educators should worry about is getting all students to participate, which could be a problem. But with all the different ways to play any athletic ability should enjoy dodge ball.

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